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9-Year Old Gives "All He Has" to Support Habitat

Updated: Jun 22, 2018

Ludington, Michigan, June 21, 2018--Steve Winczewski, who serves on the Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors, brought his son, Alex, to the Gus Macker tournament last weekend where they volunteered their time working the Habitat for Humanity concession stand.  

While working, Alex asked his father what they were raising money for and Steve explained how Habitat builds and fixes homes to help people in need.  

"Habitat is grateful for all the volunteers that give their time to support our cause, but what Alex did next shocked us all." said Jamie Healy, Executive Director of Habitat.  

That evening, after returning home from volunteering, 9-year old Alex went to his room to see what he could find.  He approached his father with money-in-hand telling him that he wanted to help people who need homes.  Handing his father "all that he had", Alex apologized for not being able to give more.

The following Monday, when Steve delivered the $25 donation from his son, we were reminded that our children are watching what we do and that the impact we have as adults will serve the generations that follow.

If you're interested in finding out how to be part of Habitat for Humanity, we invite you to stop into the ReStore at our new location, 1916 W US-10, Scottville, MI  49454 or contact us at 231-843-7888 or by


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